The Hit List

I have basically used all of the major GTD task managers for the Mac and the iDevices. Omnifocus is touted as the most powerful and Things the easiest. However, with the recent release of v2 of the Hit List for IOS I don’t think there is anything that is as logical, easy, yet powerful to use.

This will put tasks in their place and although you might not be able to get around to them right away, the Hit List allows you to always feel in control,

Desktop is bar none The Best

For all of the power of Omnifocus that is touted, nothing rivals the Hit List .

The Hit List is a GTD application there can be no doubt. Yet, it has a flexibility that is delightful to work with. There are your traditional start and expected act on dates, priorities, the ability to manually position a task, task within projects which can reside within a folder and more.

I find it amazing that this desktop app has been transferred to the iPhone as well as it has been. There is no iPad application but there isn’t a great need for one. Not that I don’t think they should have one as I most assuredly do. But for now, v2 of the IOS app is quite the winner and it makes even just looking at your lists not daunting.

Knowing what to Do, When and Feeling in Control

The Hit List resides at both the top of my first screen on my iPhone and it resides high in Launchbar so I can get to it no matter where I am. I suppose one of the brightest aspects of the Hit List is it just makes you feel more in control of the sitaution.

Generally, it’s the case that not only do you want this but if you have clients they like to see that you’re in charge. The Hit List ensures this for me. I don’t want to gush over a program but it’s hard to almost not to. It really is a winner in my books.

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