Is Apple the Same Apple it Was?

I’ve relied on Apple computers since 1984. I became attached to this company that, as they said in the day, thought outside the box. Steve Jobs was brilliant and he was recognized and admired for his brilliance as few are. People who were followers were often referred to as Fanboi’s. They were often derided with this connotation but in the end they were rewarded with a superior product.

Pushing Boundaries

It is well known that much of Steve Jobs success has to do with his not bing chastised for thinking beyond the box and brilliance in tech was more or less born.

Standing Behind It

Apple was so sure of itself that it often was referred to as the other. The product was so solid it brought Applecare, a product grouping that guaranteed both online support or the ability to talk to someone and a three year warranty.

It was not an expensive proposition, just a reassuring one. Applecare was a product that gave you some piece of mind and additionally said that since you’ve Apple we’ll stand behind it.

Who is this Company we Call Apple

Apple, at least for me, feels foreign. They don’t deserve the well founded ranking Steve Jobs bestowed on the company. Rather, something is wrong. I’m told by someone that is clearly not an engineer something that is clearly an engineering problem. They, for the first time, seem hostile towards their customers or at least this one person is. Yet, the person speaks for the company that I don’t recognize.

A Slippery Slope, One that is a Minefield

The Apple that Steve Jobs created with the remarkable products he bestowed on the company could easily be lost. It’s a well known fact in tech you can ride the crest high one day and be swamped by it all overnight.

It is not unremarkable for a high tech company to loose its way. BlackBerry is a good case in point. John Chen has found this out and is working diligently to more or less save BlackBerry. Five years ago it would have been hard to imagine but true.

Is Apple still Apple or have they Morphed Negatively

One has to question whether Apple is still Apple due to their new posture, a one that seems hostile to its loyal customers. Will this Apple once again, at least to me, feel like Apple or will they continue a long their new road one based on anything but customer loyalty. Have they become so big and powerful, they no longer need their customers.

Is the Apple Line Real or a Fiction?

Apple frequently loves to say they’re making the best product for their customer. Yet, this customer, who has been with them through thick and think since 1984 is feeling Apple’s line as a deception. The proof of anything is in the pudding and this proof doesn’t seem to be the case with today’s Apple at all.

Time will tell the story as it tells all stories. Possibly what I’m seeing is an aberration or a company that has grown so suddenly and fast they are having trouble balancing. Yet, at the end of the day, to remain successful they need their customers and they’ll loose them, as have companies before them, if they have taken on a hostile identity and this is one they most assuredly have one at the moment.

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