Total Spaces

Totalspaces Grid

I started the editor’s choice of various things a while ago to provide you with what I was hoping would be useful information as to what I find of superior value. As you can see, there are various categories that these choices fall into.

I have not decided how frequently I’ll present an editor’s choice in a category. However, for the month of May the editor’s choice for utility is Totalspaces, a utility program that builds upon spaces in OSX.

Total Spaces Enriches

OSX provides a useful utility called spaces or what is really virtual desktops. To help with clutter and organization while you work, total spaces assigns a set of really more organized spaces. Assigned in grid fashion, it is ideal for both the positioning of various programs to work in different spaces and for the movement between spaces.

Getting a birds eye view of your spaces is a breeze as is moving between your spaces. You can assign a variety of spaces up to 16 to work in thus decluttering drastically one’s desktop if you wanted.

Shortcuts is the Icing

There are a variety of shortcuts assigned so that you can both move quickly between spaces and also get a birds eye view of the environment. Additionally, what is very nice is the ability to move programs or files between spaces.

This system can go a long way towards your being able to uniquely configure your work environment. Should one space start getting too busy it is extremely easy to move an item one space to another.

Taking the Ideal and Enhancing It

Spaces iteself, is ideal for managing a system that might grow rapidly and uncontrollably if it wasn’t for the spaces themselves. Add total spaces to this schema and you have for the makings of the ideal work environment.

This is one utility I have little trouble in recommending highly. It is flexible yet structured, controlled and fast and can create organization out of complete disorganization.

One caveat with spaces. Its best to work with this when you’re not tired. Once you’re spaces are in place, you can be exceptionally tired as the structure Total Spaces applies will help you manage your work environment. It really is one of those little gems that not enough good can be said about it.