The Test of Time has Arrived

We all knew, with Steve Job’s passing, that eventually Apple would be put to the test to see if it could still innovate without him. Steve Job’s has been gone a while now however, Apple’s main dollars are still being made on his insight and vision. Many were very anxious, who held stock, anytime Job’s got ill.

Would Apple Still be able to Innovate

Apple can clearly still innovate but like with any company only if they have the right man. Tim Cook is now facing the test of time but with all things a watch. This seems strange to me and many. There is a certain futuristic panache in the whole thing but how much panache do we really want especially where it comes to things that are especially bred into a society such as a watch that are almost sacrosanct in what they represent.

Little is the Answer

I have found this whole watch saga somewhat surreal that Tim Cook would be betting his farm on something like this. It represents that, although he might be a very nice man, he doesn’t come from a technology background and we have seen what has happened with almost every CEO like him who hasn’t. They generally haven’t survived such as the likes of Steve Ballmer of Microsoft.

Light Potentially at the End of the Tunnel

I have written before and will again that there are two major things happening with Apple both of which could be societal changing.

The first is Apple pay. We need this and the economy needs this. People might be reluctant to go there at first but they will get on with it especially once the many benefits begin to reveal themselves.

The other major thing that is happening is AppleTV. It is time for a major shift in the manner in which this industry operates. Apple has the skill, capability and technology to make major changes to this ecosystem and AppleTV could potentially be huge.

But of the Watch

Analysts in general aren’t taking to the watch of many a stripe from technologist to money investor. Consumers aren’t lined up around the block for a go at the watch. And in this article titled “A waste of money’: Five tech experts say a short battery life and no GPS means your brand-new $24,000 Apple watch may already be obsolete even before you pick it up” the watch is being deemed obsolete from the get go.

Yet, for most, the reality is that they do not want it for whatever variety of reason. That technology might be becoming too pervasive is something to be considered. For the technological it’s a bit of a dud. That it has to be charged daily is flawed at best. Finally, having to use it with only one phone your iPhone, is troublesome. Steve Jobs made the phone of such a nature that it is today more popular than ever.

When the Test of Time Rings

When the test of time does eventually ring and it had to especially for company held in the regard Apple is, a small shaking would mean little but a large shaking could prove very significant. Apple’s stock is riding high. The watches aren’t cheap and at the price they’re being sold you want them to have future value beyond yesterday.

So time will tell this story. I myself have no use for the watch and think it was ill conceived. I am excited about Apple pay and AppleTV. Regardless though of how these two products pan out, if the Apple watch has been poorly thought through, problems will arise in Cupertino. If from non other than the shareholders.

Exciting times are on the horizon I’m just not sure it was the excitement Apple quite had in mind.

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