Apple Announces WWDC 2015 Takes Place June 8-12 at Moscone West

Apple has announced this years WWDC for June 8 2015 at the Moscone centre. Tickets went in sale yesterday for developers. For the rest of us we’ll be able to view the show from home.


OSX and IOS are expected to remain central bill this year with their ever deepening evolution defining the both the simplicities and complexities of the ever evolving operating system. For more on this though, check out the attached article above.

AppleTV the Central Rumour However

Yet, it is the AppleTV that remains the central rumour of this show. If one looks at the logo carefully, an AppleTV is expected to popout for buried in the logo is an AppleTV. This, I think, would be tremendous news for Apple because it represents and remains to represent such fertile ground to do some exciting work on.

This, if the rumour is true, is one WWDC I’ll have trouble waiting for.

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