Dayly, the Highly Regarded BlackBerry Journal, Quietly Makes Its Way to IOS

Dayly is a highly regarded journal available at BlackBerry World for the BlackBerry 10. It consistently gets 5 star user reviews and is a delight to work with.

Journaling Has always and Remains Popular

Journaling or writing a diary has been with us for a long time. It has remained popular not only to provide context, memories into the past and even in the development of ideas, it is considered very therapeutic. There are few really good Journaling apps, even for the Apple ecosystem and Day One stands out as probably best of breed.


However, a little known but highly regarded journaling app, Dayly which resides at BlackBerry world for the BlackBerry 10 has quietly made its way to IOS. This is a boon for IOS users always in search of a good journaling app and for BlackBerry users as it is going cross platform. Whatever you write in either one environment, will sync via Dropbox to either environment.

Cross Platform Plans

The developer of Dayly has advised me that the plans for product are to make it native to the iPad then OSX. From there they want to move the app to Windows.

For the Apple user, this will be fantastic as it really is one of the nicest journaling programs I’ve worked with. I will be doing a full featured article on Dayly at the Daily Mac View soon.

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