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The Hit List

Karelia Sofware, which produces The Hit List, announced today the update of their IOS software to v2.2. With numerous additions and some fixes, Karelia is demonstrating its strong commitment to the Hit List. The product wandered for a fair time and now Karelia is putting renewed energy into making this popular but also extremely user adept software relevant and all the more powerful than it already was.

For users of OmniFocus who want the power but not the complexity the Hit List is the answer. For users of Things that have chosen it for say ease of use, the Hit List is a far better and more logical product. The only thing they are missing is an iPad version which they are aware users would like.

The News Release

Karelia’s information on v2.2 of the iPhone app can be found at What’s new in The Hit List .
Two things that strike me as very significant are:

Text of the Full Release

Media Contact: Naomi Pearce, 510-528-0824,


New Share Extension For Creating Tasks From Other Apps

Pasadena, Calif. – March 31, 2015 – Karelia Software today
released The Hit List for iPhone version 2.2, now with a Share
extension to automatically create a new task of a URL or text
shared from another app.

The Hit List for iPhone v2.2 update builds upon the recently
introduced, exciting The Hit List for iPhone 2.0, a massively
re-imagined version of its popular task management app, which
includes unlimited access to The Hit List Sync Service for
customers also using The Hit List for Mac. The version 2.2
update is available immediately at no charge for all customers
of The Hit List for iPhone 2.

Simply Powerful Tasks and To-Dos

The Hit List for iPhone 2 represents a fresh, completely
re-imagined version of the popular task management app,
redesigned to take advantage of the advances of iOS 8 and the
iPhone, including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

A pleasure to use, The Hit List for iPhone 2 places the “Today”
and “Upcoming” hit lists front and center. Task entry is fast
and easy from anywhere in the app. Swipe left on a task to
Delete, Move or to Cancel a task; swipe right to set the start
date to today, tomorrow or next week.

A single tap presents a task’s card with a disclose arrow to set
priority and task repetition, and a simple down swipe dismisses
the card. Subtasks can be added directly from a task’s card.
Dates can be set from a new inline calendar that scrolls for
faster access to far off task dates, or via shortcuts to clear a
date, or set to today, tomorrow or next week.

Designed for today’s interrupt-driven and busy life, The Hit
List handles personal task management with a perfect balance of
app power and ease of use. Using The Hit List is as easy as
making lists on a Mac and/or iPhone, and powerful enough to let
you plan, move on, and then act at the right time. The Hit List
includes access to its own fast and reliable sync service for
individuals to keep tasks and lists in sync between desktop and
mobile devices.

For additional information on The Hit List, please visit:

Pricing and Availability

The Hit List for iPhone requires iOS 8.2 or later, and is
available today for US$14.99 from the App Store. The Hit List
for iPhone version 2.2 update is available as an automatic
update at no charge for all customers of The Hit List for iPhone 2.

About Karelia Software LLC

Karelia Software, winner of Macworld Eddy and Apple Design
Awards, delivers well designed software that empowers and
delights OS X and iOS users worldwide. Karelia’s flagship
application, Sandvox, radically simplifies how anyone can build
the website of their dreams. Karelia’s The Hit List helps people
manage the chaos of modern life with less stress and more fun.
Learn more about these and other Karelia apps by visiting

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OS, OS X and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered
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