Thumbs Up to Apple Pay and TV; Not so Sure about the Watch

I’ve given myself a bit of time to see if I could get excited by the Apple watch and the more I think about it the more I think no at least for myself. I don’t like the idea it’s tied to your phone. However, mostly, a watch to me is such a personal thing and I use it for telling time and only want a watch for that. The one I have does that very well and it looks nice too.

Apple Pay is another Story

I think the time for an Apple pay is definitely upon us. Inundated with cards of various type I would love a way of putting them in my phone and using it to carry around with me as I do anyway. Thus, the leap to using your phone to pay for something isn’t a large one. It is just so logical and needed.

AppleTV the True wild Card

AppleTV has always struck me as something brilliant but so much so Apple for some reason couldn’t see it. Everyone I know has an AppleTV and they all love it including myself.

Apple though could make a big splash by doing something with this device. What they are planning on doing is brilliant. Provide quality channels and an AppleTV at a price anyone can afford.

Could they have a lot of clout in the entertainment industry. They already do so why not TV and movies. I suspect they will have but in this case everyone is a winner!

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