Flexibits releases Fantastical 2 for OSX

This was a bit of a surprise as I don’t recall any rumours around a Fantastical 2 for OSX devices. However, this was a very pleasant surprise. This is both a fantastic looking, full desktop calendaring system and probably the best looking Calendar for the Mac.

No Holds Barred

This is, to be sure, a no holds barred system. It supports all variety of calendars including reminders. There are some who feel that reminders should be quite extensive following the GTD approach and there are many who do not want anything more than simple reminders to ensure they don’t forget about doing something.

This is quite a varied approached to reminders but I tend to fall into the camp of more is less. By ensuring we have a good reminders based approach to doing things we actually end up doing less as trouble is averted before it can begin.

Marry a Good/Great Calendaring System with a Reminders System

It cannot be overlooked but I can easily see that when David Allen was developing the GTD methodology task based systems were simplistic and often a part of a calendar service. The calendar portion is referred to as a hard resource unlike the task based component.

Fantastical Looks Amazing in the v2 Release for the Mac

In the v2 release of Fantastical for the Mac, it is a very impressive looking system. At first glance, it is visually stunning. Combined then with its advanced parsing engine for generating an entry, this is a beautiful implementation of a calendar.

At $39.99 this would seem a bit on the pricey side but when one considers what is to be accomplished I would prefer to view it as a sound investment. Welcome Fantastical 2!!!

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