Tembo a Runner up to Houdahspot


When I was choosing the software utility that would be the editor’s choice this month, I was torn between Tembo and Houdahspot. Tembo is another choice, of more than one, that Mac users have when choosing a file search utility.

Nice in Operation

Tembo is a very nice package to work with. As delightful as it’s icon is so too is the product. It is fast, easy to work with (intuitive) and generally will find something that you thought you might have lost.

Like Houdahspot, Tembo is very reliable. It’s not necessary to read a manual to take good advantage of this program, which is a huge plus.

In reality, you can’t go wrong with either package. I just felt that Houdahspot gets the job done in a more exacting fashion. It’s good though to know as a Mac user there is this capability that is of great assistance.

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