A New AppleTV Finally in the Works

It would appear that a new AppleTV is finally in the works based on this article titled New Apple TV Hardware May Finally See the Light of Day. This would be incredibly smart on Apple’s part as they are taking advantage of fertile ground that could use some new and innovative life. The AppleTV with Apple behind it could provide this.

The Potential for extremely Powerful Hardware

It is rumoured that the A8 chip would reside in the unit. To put this in perspective, this chip twice as powerful as the A7X in the iPad Air 2. Put bluntly, the unit would be a screamer. It could handle not only TV but applications such as games.

Apple’s Plans

It’s rumoured that Apple is working with distributors for at least 25 high quality channels something that would really shake up traditional TV delivery. Apple has held back on the AppleTV for far too long holding it back as a hobby project. Possibly they did this as it has now been released that Steve Jobs hated TV.

It’s hard to say but AppleTV’s time has come. It will be both exciting to get a new AppleTV and also potentially new services to go along with it.

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