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At The Mac View/Daily Mac View we’ve been busy of late reconfiguring, primarily the Mac View, to bring you our software sales in a more consolidated, easy to use fashion. We’ve implemented a system that puts access to all of this right in front the user at the Mac View in the first columns dropdown. At the The Daily Mac View the fifth columns selection “Software Sales.

At The Mac View/Daily Mac View we strive to provide our readers with not only excellent written content but additionally access to quality products. The site is an affiliate partner with Stacksocial, a company that does an excellent job at getting great products and providing them at a substantially reduced price. Our readership has direct access to that site. Thus, all of the content and StackSocial’s sales are fully accessible to The Mac View/Daily Mac View readership and can be purchased directly. There’s no need to go wandering the internet for these sales. They are all available on The Mac View and The Daily Mac View.

Avangate is another of the site’s partners and they provide high quality software directly. As an affiliate partner, The Mac View/Daily Mac View readership has the ability to purchase software that we have chosen to resell on the site. That software, is again, high quality, Mac software.

Additionally, you will find with this system The Mac View and The Daily Mac View have implemented that it will offer sales on various software, from time to time, that will provide our readership with extra value. Further, Avangate’s partners often run their own sales and if we carry that software the sale price will be made available to you.

Content and Product

At The Mac View/Daily Mac View our goal is to provide content that is both interesting, informative and will keep you abreast of things. Further though, we want to bring you, right from the convenience of the site, product that is of good value and quality and that in many cases we have tested or put to good use.

Thus, the activity on the site has been to make changes of late that present this in an easy to find fashion and that is easy to use. The first column of The Mac View has the software and special deals that are running. A The Daily Mac View this same functionality can be found in the fifth column dropdown.

We hope you enjoy the enhancements that have been made to the sites.

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