BlackBerry Releases a new Tablet called the Secutablet

An interesting thing happened on the weekend. BlackBerry released a new tablet just when people thought they were getting out of the hardware business.

Stems from Angela Merkel’s Smartphone being Hacked

When Angela Merkel’s Smartphone was hacked last year, BlackBerry bought Secusmart and implemented the technology saying security is critical to our mobile computing.


Security in the mobile computing arena is the way in which BlackBerry will try to get back into the market. This is very smart as security is becoming a major thing for most users especially mobile users who are very vulnerable.

As we shop online and live on the internet, we are the ever more exposed to hackers that would love to get their hands on our information. This is a major problem to mobile computing. Identity theft, the hacking of your credit cards or just personal information attainment presses this requirement for security to new levels. BlackBerry strategy might be right on and they may be able to sell it to say Apple etc getting them back in the game.

A Little Help

BlackBerry got some software help from IBM and hardware assistance from Samsung. The end result is the Secutablet.

Since BlackBerry decided to allow Android apps on their phone BBM has been downloaded 100 million times. These approaches BlackBerry is taking just might take. Their strategy though does appear to rounding out.

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