Numi 2 a Super Handy Menu Bar Calculator is only .99 cents in the App Store

A while back I wrote an article at The Daily Mac View on certain calculators I particularly liked. Numi was one of them. It has now been updated to Numi 2 and as a huge bonus it is only .99 cents.

For the Mac

Numi 2 is designed for the Mac solely. It’s design though is perfect for the Mac.
Being a menu bar app, it is available regardless of where you go.

I was terrible at math. It was, without doubt, my worst subject. However, an app like Numi I absolutely love. It has sophisticated functions to support a high end user but it also provides a wonderful and straight forward environment for basic arithmetic.

Drop Down Sheet

To use Numi 2, as with the original version, you will access it by grabbing a drop down sheet where you write out your formula including just plain English explanations of what you’re doing.

The program is a delight to use and rather fun. For someone that hated math, it’s made my life somewhat of a reprieve as I’ve taken to Numi 2 so much.

For .99 cents you should definitely grab a copy as you won’t regret this purchase.


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