Preliminary Thoughts about the “Spring Forward” Presentation by Apple

In a nutshell, I was fairly nonplussed by the March 9th presentation that Tim Cook did. Just off the top of my head, I would say that 2/3rds of the show was probably spent talking about the Apple Watch. That would have been fine had this device been ultra cool and very exciting. Although I’ve known of the Apple watches imminent arrival for some time, it hit home in a resounding fashion yesterday that it had arrived.

AppleTV Heading for a Home Run

Although, with my opening, you can tell I’m very unimpressed with the Apple Watch (which I’ll get into at The Daily Mac View) I was very impressed with the start and the announcement that Apple is finally going to do something exciting with the AppleTV. The announcement of HBO Now is a tremendous start to really turning the AppleTV into an amazing device.

To top it off and ensure that basically anyone can get their hand on one, they dropped the price to $69USD. This will ensure that if you want one you will be able to get one. There is a lot of free programming and there is a lot of paid programming but it is balancing out nicely.

The 12″ Macbook Air

The word that comes to mind when I relate this product to you is stunning. This is the Apple I have come to know and love. This is a device that is so ultra cool you can’t help but love it and I don’t even have one (yet). With full on Retina display and excellent specs this is more than your Macbook Air of past which, in this case, the numbers speak for themselves.

Did Wall Street Go Quiet?

The answer is yes and my guess is as good as any. The announcement of the iWatch took center stage for far too long. So now you can buy a watch in which you have to have an iPhone, for the rest of your life, and charge it daily lest you won’t know the time anymore.

This watch ranges in price from say $500 USD to the ridiculous.

Time Will Have to Tell the Story

If this is to be Tim Cook’s legacy, I think I’d be looking hard and fast for a new idea or how about let’ go back to that AppleTV. The AppleTV, turned into what it could become, would be something to hang your hat on.

Wall Street didn’t really go up or down on the news of the iWatch. Apple is down today but so are all the stocks. However, this is a strong indicator that Wall St. at least was unimpressed with the device. Time (pun intended) will have to us what’s to become of the iWatch. I could see this being a momentary fad and then that’s it. A watch is there to tell you the time and people are quite happy with this. The success of the iPhone was a logical extension of a device you held in your hand with the space to provide it with the requirements for success. The iWatch is a different kettle of fish.

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