“Spring Forward” the Highly Anticipated Apple Event that Promises the Apple Watch

One criticism thrown at Apple of late is that there has been no innovation with respect to product development. The Mac Watch though is both a new product and category (wearable) for Apple.

On March 9 this period will end with the introduction of the highly antincipated Apple watch. It is a new opportunity for Apple and a new product for the consumer that they just might find very useful.

Will It Take Off

This of course is the huge question as to how successful this product category will be. From a curiousity perspective this watch might immediately be successful. It is expected to be delivered in a variety of price ranges and styles. It could do very well just based on that alone.

Or will it prove to be a bit fadish lacking the power of true application functionality. It won’t be like other watches in that it will require constant recharging and its reason for being is to deliver application functionality in a different way. However will this fly with customers.

Not for Me but…

This will probably be the first Apple product that will not be for me. I’m a bit of a traditionalist around my watch. I like a watch just to be a watch and look for it to do nothing more than tell me the time. I don’t even use a watch to tell me the date.

Yet I am very much a techie and this product has no appeal to me. Will it have to others. I suspect, at least initially, it will. It’s long term prospects are in more doubt.

Time will tell the story and I do look for a very interesting period after introduction. We will certainly see soon enough.

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