“Spring Forward” about the Watch but the AppleTV would be such a Dynamite Scenario

I’ve been writing about this at every show for the last two years but what would be really fascinating is Apple finally doing something significant with the AppleTV. The watch integrated with an iPhone; so you buy this expensive watch that doesn’t work without an iPhone. Let’s assume though you have an iPhone today. Does that mean you’ll have one for the rest of your life if even tomorrow. Apple hopes so and assumes a lot… of our money.

The iPhone

Frankly, the iPhone was not only the biggest yawn-fest I’ve ever watched now there’s a watch that wouldn’t you know needs an iPhone. Apple released IOS 8 far too soon and I think everyone knows that now. We’re basically stuck with this malfunctioning phone that we’re supposed to attach to a watch.

The Watch tells Time

I wonder if everyone ever thought of mentioning to Apple that a watch tells time. I don’t even use a watch to tell me the date. I have a nice watch. I like my watch and I want my watch to – if anything is going to be forever while I’m on the planet – I hope it’s my watch.

What of the AppleTV

This could be such a marvelous device it amazes me how Apple has been almost cruel to one of it’s greatest competitive tools. It’s a hobby; we’ll put it on the back-burner as we don’t have so and so to partner with us. Why not get so and so to partner with you?

The Amazing things the AppleTV could Be

The AppleTV could be so much to us as consumers of information. It was designed to deliver all kinds of information in a multi-media form, one of the forms we relate to best of any. The AppleTV is killer and yet Apple persistently sees the iPhone as killer and the AppleTV as a nice box.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for once Apple raised it’s head from the sand and looked around. It seems only Steve Jobs was capable of that. I believe if Jobs were still with us his head would have always been raised from the sand and he would have seen the potential and acted on it. Tim Cook, excuse my French, is so frightened that all he has ridden on is everything Jobs did. He hasn’t got the where-withall to get out there and get the industry on board and deliver something fantastic. And I wonder how much the industry would want to do this with Apple for fear of a replay of iMusic.

The AppleTV could be bringing us all the media content we want and that scares the broadband players. I would suspect the movie industry though has done very nicely with the likes of the AppleTV around as there paths to get their content or product out there is only a button away. From one channel you might have your content delivered in a certain fashion and from another a different fashion. For you, as the consumer, the freedoms the AppleTV would allow would be stunning.

I Still Hold out Hope

I still hold hope that maybe; just maybe this show on Monday will not be all about some connected watch that has to be charged daily. Marvelous. It’s not for me and I certainly am not shy where it comes to deploying technology.

The technology I see as inspiring is tech that inspires us. The AppleTV has all the hallmarks of being able to do this in a variety of ways very cost effectively. How except to those that want to maintain maximum control is this a threat.

I have heard too many times how someone has gotten onto a feature from the AppleTV simply to be wowed by it. I found this service called Streamnation in which I am slowly building up a media library of films that have in some way moved or affected me. I share them with my friends and we use our AppleTV to receive and stream our movies. In some odd way, the AppleTV can even take you back to shared communal experiences as you discuss the merits of a movie you watched the night before at the same time as your friend did.

This is yet one example of a small discovery made that greatly enhanced the whole experience of my TV. In many ways, this might only be the tip of the iceberg but the heads have to come out from the sand and people have to be willing to act on potentials.

Be Wary of Assumptions

For Apple I would just say be very wary of assumptions and for as long as you want to call this your play box how will you possibly get beyond that. If we are told that this is just Apple’s hobby toy, then might we not begin to assume we as the consumer have no power. How did that happen when we look all around us at the end of the era of DVD rentals and the stores that went with them.

The consumer should never assume, even if Apple wants to, there is nothing more that can be done with the AppleTV. There’s lots and as Netflix created a revolution of sorts so too could Apple. The Smartphone will soon be moved to the annals of the Smartphone and no longer be a novelty. We all might have one someday but maybe not as we probably all won’t need one. Yet, the technology will be done in a very consumable and price acceptable form. We will take them for granted and rely on them by the moment for the information they provide us.

The AppleTV needs attention now. It is a marvelous device. It’s very cost effective and there is much one can do with the technology. I do hope Apple gets on with it and we hear some great things about the AppleTV. It would certainly make my day at Monday’s presentation.

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