Blackberry z30 on Sale Currently at Shopblackberry

The z30 Smartphone from BlackBerry is currently on a very good sale at ShopblackberryI. It is $100 off USD and $70 off CDN. For either the American or Canadian shopper this is a very good sale.

z30 High End Touch Screen Smartphone

The z30 is a high end smartphone from BlackBerry. Battery life is exceptional as is the hub functionality of the BlackBerry.

The hub really is your place in which all device communications comes into. With its LED indicator and a centralized location for the devices communications it’s hard to miss an incoming message and easy to find it.

Not an iPhone but…

Even though this isn’t an iPhone I felt it important you’re aware of the sale.
Cross platform will become a more significant watch word at the Mac
view and The Daily Mac View. This is yet just one little thing to raise the issue of
Cross Platform functionality.

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