Apple considering a Wide Beta of its next IOS to Avoid major bugs at Launch

Apple has had a lot to swallow on this release of IOS 8. A company renowned for quality, they fell a part at the IOS 8 starting gate and are still smarting from the episode till this day. They can’t really afford to have it happen again.

Potentially will Open to 100,000 Users

In this article “Report: Apple to Let Public Try iOS Beta” Apple might seriously consider a public beta of up to 100,000 users. Apple really needs to do this now. The OS has gotten quite sophisticated and complex and so it is inevitable that there will be bugs. The key for Apple is ensuring they don’t get through to a general release as it looks extremely bad on a company that prizes quality so highly. In fact, what happened in IOS 8 they can’t afford to let happen again.

Premium Product

People pay a premium dollar for a premium product and rightly expect a premium experience. IOS 8 was anything but a premium experience. By doing a beta they go a long way to ensure this doesn’t besiege the company again.

Being Part of a Beta is no Prize nor walk in the Park

One must remember that being part of a beta is, in many ways, no walk in the park. You are dealing with bugs from the ground level. If you have the stomach for that, you can help Apple immeasurably and be in on the the ground floor affecting product development.

In essence, it can be a win win experience as long as you know what to expect.

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