Omnifocus 2.1 Released enhancing UI

Omnifocus 2.1 has just been released for the Mac. On the surface, this appears like a modest upgrade and it probaby is that. However, there are some nice litte tweaks to the UI that make Omnifocus an even nicer fit in Yosemite. Already a great looking product if not the best it has been enhanced further to take advantage of Yosemite elements.

Going Forward an improved Visual Range

One thing that has always been a problem with OmniFocus is the business factor or the decreased visual range as a result. OmniFocus 2.1 is the first step in what appears to be a move to improve this.

Omni indicates that on a going forward basis they want to improve the visual field of Omnifocus. It is easy to step into an OmniFocus view and get completely lost as it is so busy. Compared to say the Hit List, this difference if remarkarble. Thus, it makes it hard to figure out what you have to do as there is just so much thrown at you.

Improved Productivity via a leaner Visual Field

As Omni works towards almost, in a way, enhancing the visual field and thus the experience, productivity increases can only be the outcome. As pointed out, OmniFocus has almost had a remarkably overwhelming visual field or to put another way an extremely busy thus annoying one. There simply is too much to look at to make heads or tails out of what it is you have to do.

This has always been extremely problem. Omnifocus is not anywhere nearly as complicated to use as it is though to maneuvre around in. Keeping the architecture but improving the look or what you have to look at when you enter a view will be incredibly refreshing. In this case, the old adage of less is more couldn’t be any more true if you wanted it to be. As a result of this, I’ve used the Hit List rather than OmniFocus simply because it has a nice visual field.

OmniFocus would likely be my system of choice if it wasn’t for this factor alone. I do not find it a difficult product to use and in fact it is quite logical. However, walking around a visual minefield is exhausting and important information can be lost as there is too much obscuring your view.

Other enhancements for Omni are planned but it is only this that struck me as very important. If Omni can solve this problem and improve the end user’s experience of the program I would likely switch in a flash as there are other significant benefits to OmniFocus, such as the availability of an iPad version, that kept me there long after I realized just how intrusive the product was. This is most definitely a step in the right direction for OmniFocus and if they can deliver I’m sure they’ll have a far more productive and happy community of users.

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