At the Mac View What is the Watchlist all About

The Watchlist was designed to almost be hodgepodge of things to keep an eye on, things to definitely consider buying, things that stand out as interesting and again should be watched for where they go and things that certainly seem if they appear we should act on them. As an example, you might see in outstanding buys something we view as both a very good deal both in terms of value and the product being offered from Stacksocial or Avantgate, two companies of which we are an affiliate. I’ve often thought, it is very easy for a sale to go by and it doesn’t get pointed out on the site and as a result you might have lost something which is well worth either considering or buying.

If you don’t know about something or know little you are not informed as informed then as you need be. Things can more or less slip through the crack. As an example, Alain Latour’s recent article Will Cultured Code’s Things Always Be Too Late? is an article worth reading especially if you’re considering buy Things. It provides an overview of a very popular product which is not getting proper attention by the developer. It almost sounds like the developer is happy sitting on his Laurels collecting a lot of money for the product due to its name rather than by keeping up with the times. This is something that should receive a highlight of some sort so that you’re aware of this before you slap down your hard earned money.

The Watchlist will be that highlighter, so to speak, to bring to the fore things thata need special mention. We cannot possibly highlight everything that is going on as there is simply so much that is going on in tech it becomes a bit mind boggling at times. Yet, the Watchlist is even a good place to highlight that.

This will be your sort of go to list of things that are interesting you or might interest you if you’re aware of it. The Watchlist will do exactly what it says and watch what is going on and if there has to be more than one article about there will be and then there’s the list. Likely, there will only be one article due to the sheer magnitude of stuff that we have to address.

The Other Lists

The other lists at “the Daily Mac View” are there to provide a comprehensive approach and overview that needs to be taken as we attempt to unravel and keep up with technology, one of the original goals as set out at the Daily Mac View. Thus, this is a comprehensive site in which to keep you abreast of the things going on both in the Mac world in general and the site more specifically. This is a site that was designed to be flexible and allow the communication of a wide variety of information.

Not Just the Mac but Technology itself and the Mac

The site has been growing and growing beyond the bounds of the Mac itself. The is, in a way, a site on technology in general and how the Mac and all its ancillory devices exist within this larger sphere. This is a nice way to look at the Mac. Instead of viewing the Mac as if it sits in a world unto itself it is much nicer to view the Mac from a larger perspective adding to its relevancy. When we ask the question how is the Mac making us more productive we’re asking that question in a much broader way than view it as if it sat in only a world of Macs. It sits in a world of a variety of systems all being drawn together by open systems protocols. We might answer that our productivity is enhanced via such and such a piece of software that sits on the Mac but it might reside on a Windows machine. The question is therefore a larger question than just the Mac but at the same time it can be addressed focusing on its role on the Mac specifically.

The Move to Open Systems

Open Systems is a fascinating area of discussion and a large one. It can’t be addressed here in any fashion that it deserves other than to say it is clear the Mac is being affected by that. People working say on a BlackBerry will want to participate in some cases in a system dominated by Macs.

Open Systems will become very relevant in the next few years. The Watchlist again is a place that we will try to highlight not only some of these occurrences but try to answer a question that involves open systems in a Mac oriented web site.

Tim Cook of Apple recently said we have to think now about becoming more open. This does not only address a reality beyond him but it’s smart. Through open systems, you are either relevant or not. No one would ever question whether Apple is relevant but one might ask how nimble is Apple at Open systems and of being a member of the Open Systems foundation.

The Watchlist is, for all intents and purposes then, a place to highlight various products, sales and in a more general fashion the overall sphere of Mac technology as it relates to and is a part of other systems.

Keeping an Eye on the Watchlist

To get the best function out of The Mac View and the Daily Mac View it is useful to follow the Watchlist. Sales of products that seem good or in some cases too good to be true will be highlighted in the Watchlist. Trends, changes in direction, strategies and other aspects of technology will be followed in the Watchlist. The Watchlist will do exactly what it is says and keep an eye on significant trends, sales and technological change that will ultimately be affecting.