OSX 10.10.3 Has made its Debut with Beta Testers

Apple has just released OSX 10.10.3 for testing by Beta testers. The most major part of OSX 10.10.3 is the replacement of iPhoto with Photos. The linked article goes into a fair bit of detail around the new photos strategy so I won’t repeat that here.

Still Issues around Stability

Another of the prime focus’ of OSX 10.10.3 is to continue to improve performance whilst working on stabiity. The issue of stability and performance is still an area of focus.

IOS 8 and Yosemite bring a lot to the table in terms of their capabilities. Long term, the potential is tremendous but needed to bring about the kinds of applications that are on their way. Consumers are certainly looking forward to this.

It’s considered however, that Apple may have rushed OSX 10.10.3 to the door though to fend off Samsung. This approach can be considered to be working as Apple’s sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are staggering. However, people are having to put up with stability and performance issues they’ve generally not faced with Apple in the past.

All will be Worked Out

This train will never stop moving and will in fact only pick up speed. With valuable and important infrastructure in place, the rate of change is only expected to increase. No can really allot much time to sitting back and taking a breath.

Development and delivery of new systems will continue at a staggering pace. However, so too will the nuisance of problems as Apple’s overall systems architecture grows and matures. Yosemite is, of course, one most critical components in Apple’s Systems evolution. With these profound shifts comes some pain but in the end they will be worked out.