Samsung Overtures for Blackberry Send the Stock up Again

Blackberry had an interesting week on the stock market. First there were rumours that Samsung wanted Blackberry technology to assist it much like the Apple/IBM deal. Then came fairly substantive rumours that Samsung was interested in buying Blackberry in full to the tune of 7.5 billion dollars.

44,000 Patents

Blackberry is a company that is rife with patents that it holds on a variety of technologies many of which are necesary to move through the next phase of technological development. It has come to light though that Samsung feels they can only pull this off if they own Blackberry in full.

Is 7.5 Billion Enough

It would seem John Chen is turning the Blackberry around. Some feel Blackbery’s future potential based on growth would value the company higher than $7.5 billion based on the growth potential.

Things Aren’t Looking So Bad for Blackberry

John Chen came out and recently stated that he is 99% sure he can turn Blackberry around. It would seem that this might be the case. Blackberries products are looking very appealing during an era of heightened security concerns. The week ahead might be very interesting as this episode Blackberries history plays out.