Another Revision of OSX 10.10.2 Reaches Beta Testers

Apple is working hard on their OS’s. OSX 10.10.2 revision 4 has reached beta testers as of yesterday. Whether they have resolved, as an example, screen blanking on Thunderbolt displays connected to Mac Pro’s remains to be seen. What remains curious is Apple’s relationship to their beta team, which seems to be devoid and thus one must wonder if the mess they are in currently isn’t a result of this.

Microsoft’s Approach is Completely Different

Microsoft is very involved in resolution to issues especially important ones and their teams are in constant touch with their beta people by phone to determine whether engineering has resolved a problem.

Worst Software Releases in Apple’s History

Apple is no where to be found. Beta groups are inputting and there is no feedback loop that can be determined as of this writing. Apple’s fame to secrecy seems to have reached levels of absurdity. Could this be why the general population seems to be the beta when they scream bloody murder at the release of what is probably the worst OS releases in Apple’s history.