Mail Pilot 2 is almost ready to go for IOS

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pMail Pilot for IOS was a disaster. It was a great concept but it was rushed to the door and was, as a result, very buggy. Mail Pilot lost what good faith they had until they released Mail Pilot 2 for the Mac which went over well and was a fairly robust Mac Client which implemented the method in which you processed mail differently./p

h2Mail Pilot 2 has been in a Steady Stream of Betas/h2

pThe company that produces Mail Pilot 2 for IOS would like to get it right this time and is using all that they learned from their Mac experience are applying it to version 2 for IOS. Based on a GTD concept of processing or completing mail it is a very fast and effective system for getting through hoards of mail./p

h2Fast, Effective/h2

pYou would wonder why such a system would improve productivity so much but it does but not at the cost of bugginess and an inability to rely on it. Version 2 is hopefully going to be everything it is being designed to be and should be out soon./p