Outlook 15.4 is ready to Go till the Next Version of Office is Released

Microsoft is busily working on the next version of Office for the Mac. The new office is referred to as Mac for Office 365. They fell behind their intended schedule of a fall 2014 release. Mac users are in desperate need though of an updated Office as Mac Office 2011 is four years old. However, what Mac users are most definitely in need of is an updated Outlook as Outlook 2011 is dreadful.

Outlook Version 15

To help the Mac user through while Microsoft is still readying its next version of Office (it’s amazing Steve Ballmer didn’t destroy Microsoft but they fortunately have deep pockets) they have released a beta version of Outlook. They are currently at version 15.4 and although it doesn’t seem much different than its predecessor it:

  • Looks like its Windows counterpart
  • performance has been improved but its not perfect
  • its more stable
    • as an example, Outlook.com, which frequently had problems in maintaining its connection now is maintaining its connection
  • sync architecture to Mac through Exchange automatically

Sync Architecture

Microsoft is using the sync architecture built into the Mac products such as Reminders and Notes to automatically sync info that you store in Outlook to the Mac. This is a very significant improvement. There was no sync at all in 2011. Now at least what you create in Outlook will be available in the Mac apps. It might be under a different header which reflects Exchange but that matters little. That there is sync is major.