Cloudapp: A Graceful Yet Powerful Cloud based System

Editors choice product Jan 5 2015 – Cloudapp

It’s been a while since I chose what I call the Editor‘s choice award product however, I‘ll call this the Editor’s choice award for Jan 2015 and for very good reason. There are a ton of cloud based systems to choose from these days yet Cloudapp is one that stands out from the crowd especially if you’re a web writer.

Powerful, Elegant yet Simple

Web writers need specific tools for their job. When the writer wants a modern version of an article; one that contains multi-media components there is no better choice than Cloudapp to do the job. It basically is able to accomplish its magic using a method called Direct Link. Using a Direct Link you can embed an image anywhere within your document. Other systems provide direct link capability but none as nicely as Cloudapp.

Drag and Drop

To embed an image into your document you must ensure the image is in something like a jpg, prn etc format. What makes Cloudapp so wonderful is the manner in which you import the file. You simply drag the file to the Cloudapp icon in the menubar and drop it. The link is then added to the clipboard. If you write in Markdown you now just past the link in Markdown formatting into your document which then renders a perfecty good multi-media document.

Simplicity with Power

For these reasons, I woud highly recommend Cloudapp as your cloud solution of choice when you want to write and include mult-media components. It’s not only a powerful app it’s also fun. There are other things you can do with Cloudapp but I woud say that this is its primary role and it does it so well.I