Apple hit with Class Action Lawsuit over IOS 8 Misrepresenting Storage Capacity

In this article at the Apple Insider titled “Class-action lawsuit accuses Apple of misrepresenting iPhone storage with iOS 8” users have banded together to challenge Apple’s stated information regarding available data storage on an iPhone 6. This is particularly a problem with any 16 gig device which most definitely will likely run short on memory.

Many have wondered why Apple’s entry level device wasn’t bumped up to 32 gigs as a starting point and the line went something like 32, 64 and then 128 for the power user.

Outcome will be of Interest

Apple is beginning to be seen as the big guy on the block now starting to throw it’s weight around unfarily. Rightly or wrongly, there has been a theory about that Apple set the stage for 16 gig to sell the more enviable level memory higher in price. The iPhone 6’s price at about $1k a crack has created the view that Apple is now handsomely making a large profit on this one device. When did Apple become the Microsoft of the 90s. And of course the big question would be why.

The outcome of this challenge will be of tremendous interest as some are wondering whether Apple will have to be reigned in by the courts. This, if it were true, very unfortunate. This is not the kind of Apple Steve Jobs wanted to leave behind. The courts decision will be very telling in more ways than one. Regardless, this might no longer be the Steve Jobs Apple that we were so protective of. The Apple loyalists, if this were in any way true, would be let down tremendously. Let’s hope, as they say, this “aint so”.