Mobile is Fully Upon us as Demonstrated by iPhone Sales

The launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus are by far Apple’s most successful launch of a product to date. In Steven Kovach’s article “iPhone Sales Are Going Nuclear” a note from Morgan Stanley estimates Apple could sell up to 70 million iPhones in this quarter alone. In other words it’s called Samsung Eat My Dust.

Mobility has come of Age

What this really tells us though, although we knew inherently this was the case, mobility has come of age. No longer are mobile apps a nice to have add-on enhancing value, they might not even be an add-on but the primary product. This is critically important as it tells us mobility has come of age just as the portable computer years prior.

Important to choose Your Mobile Device Wisely

These staggering iphone sales tell us something else. Developers have been but will be more encouraged to put their time into IOS apps. This is fantastic news for Apple and also for the consumer.

The consumer though will have choice. Regardless of who drives the apps, apps for alternate platforms will equally be there or even outpace IOS. The important thing though is that you are able to work with your mobile platform wisely and comfortably otherwise you might end up spinning your wheels.

Choice Enhances Value

IOS could very well be the platform for you especially with the ecosystem it works within. With these sales numbers there will be applications. However, you might be better served by an Android, Windows or BlackBerry. Rest assured, with mobility coming of age, if the other platforms haven’t fallen in line they will die.

In terms of the meaning of choose your platform wisely, what works for one might not work for another. IOS’ persistent lack of an alert indicator upon the arrival of info might mean that either you must remain glued to your phone or choose one that meets the need. In a case such as the above, you might be better served by a BlackBerry as the app problem will be resolved. Although there is a dearth of apps for the BlackBerry, this is a mature platform in which the apps will follow. There is simply too much now that is important about the market which will drive apps.

What Works for You

You might be the type that lives on their phone. You see everything that comes into and know what you send out. However, you might be cutting yourself off socially and only know the one platform, whereas these days you need to know all IT platforms. One won’t cut it. Yes, you might be fast with you iPhone but one product capability simply won’t cut it.

The Beginning and Not the End

This is merely the beginning of the mobility revolution as a sub part of the information revolution. The stats being generated by IOS are impressive and tell us the platform is going ballistic. It is time now to seize the day.

In this, you need to be aware of how you like to live and work with the technology that both works and works with you. We are at the beginning of a fascinating era and far from the end.