Apple to Stop Production of the iPhone 5c in 2015

The iPhone 5c, only recently having been introduced to offer the consumer a less expensive Apple product, is to be discontinued early in 2015. In this Mac Rumour’s article “Apple to Reportedly Stop Production of iPhone 5c in 2015” it is probable that the 5c will be discontinued next year.

Never Lived up to Expectations

The Apple 5c, although useful in concept, really never reached anywhere near the sales volume Apple had been hoping for. In my view, Apple did not leave this market segment too soon at all.

The model, I felt, cheapened the brand. Further, there are a lot more options for consumers to safely migrate from a previous model, that might be cost effective but still stellar to the brand, than the 5c. That is, the 5s is still in production and less expensive than a 6. The 5s was one of Apple’s best handsets and consumers can acquire them at a nice price point now.


I think the alternatives that Apple offers presents a better product that maintains the Apple brand than the 5c did. Although not cheap phones, they are not in the same price category. Yet, they are as capable be it a tad slower than their newer siblings.

The consumer is well served by today’s Apple line-up and as such will do just fine. The 5c represented an interesting experiment and you can never know exactly what the market wants until you try and try they did.