The Hit List iPhone version Upgraded to v2 with free Sync

The Hit List, a popular GTD task management system, has been adrift for quite some time now with little attention paid to anything about the product. Karelia bought them about two years ago as they saw synergies between the companies.

New Life

New life is being breathed back into the product. They have just upgraded to a very nice version for the iPhone, v2, and in addition they are finally including sync in the product. You can currenty get the product for $9.99.

Further, The Hit List for the Mac has been reduced in price to 34.95 US ($15 off the price of The Hit List for Mac) when purchased from their store with the code “BetterTogether” only at Both offers end December 31st.

Still a bit to Go

Since they fell so far behind there are other things that need doing. This Hit List for the Mac needs to be made more Yosemite like in appearance. And of course, they’re missing a very important piece and that is an iPad version.

Finally Though…

Finally though the company is waking up and hopefully realizing they’ve got a great product to work with. These are not only nice announcements from Karelia but there are a lot of fans of the Hit List were alarmingly worrying whether it would go the way of the Doe-doe bird. I suspect not now.