Royal Bank Implements Mobile Payment System with Blackberry

The first of its kind, the Royal Bank of Canada has implemented a mobile payments system in conjunction with Bell Canada and BlackBerry. To be included in the mix will be a few Android phones.

Apple Legitimized Proof of Concept

At the fall Apple unveiling of product Apple demonstrated Apple pay using an NFC chip. The Royal Bank‘s system relies on NFC in the BlackBerry. Apple has fully legitimized this proof of concept payment system and now it will just require implentation.

21st Century Information Revolution

The 21st century, so far, is being known as that of an information revolution. RBC’s implementation of this technology is a step a long the way and promises to dramatically overhaul our anitquated payment systems.

For the end user this is both utilitarian and necessary. We have been enveloped in a wave of cards of various types. The Apple and Royal payment systems allow you to stuff all those cards in your phone and use the one you want at a checkout enabled with PIN and chip technology. It provides both a utilitarian benefit and a convenience benefit which promises to overhaul our antiquated mechanisms of payment.