Firefox to be on IOS

The browser that is the one that clearly states it protects our privacy, unlike the others, has announced it will be on IOS. Apple is loosening its rules around third party browsers being on IOS.

The one thing that was an impediment was the engine Firefox uses to render pages. Unlike Safari and Chrome which use Webkit, Firefox uses the Gecko engine an open source project.

Firefox: Enthusiasm to Protect Privacy

Firefox seems to be doing very well considering who they are up against. However, their motto and how they are excellently displaying it is resonating with users getting every wary of the internet. Firefox is committed to protecting your personal privacy. They have no interest in gathering facts on you, such as Google, which uses that information to target their advertising directed your way.

As Mac users become ever more concerned about various malicious acts that besot the internet, privacy is one of the highest.


Google has put a lot of emphases on performance and their browser is likely the fastest but in many cases Safari can lay claim to that. However, with this obsession around performance, the Firefox folk have been listening. The browser performance gap is closing and there is little difference in performance between these browsers.

Firefox hopes that the message about your internet safety while surfing the net and the absolute commitment they have to your privacy will resonate with users. Likely this trend to protect ourselves on our Macs that were at one time impenetrable and certainly aren’t any longer will become an ever growing concern form Mac users.