Blackberry will help you Trade In your iPhone for a BlackBerry

At Mashable in an article titled “BlackBerry will pay you to dump your iPhone for a Passport” it is reported that BlackBerry will help you get a BlackBerry Passport for your iPhone 6 plus $50. It doesn’t stop there. They will assist you in obtaining a BlackBerry if your choice with a cash incentive for a variety of iPhones.

Trying Hard

This company is one that is trying very hard to get back into the users view. Depending on the iPhone you have the incentive might be one that makes sense for a variety of users.

If nothing else, it shows the company is very serious about getting in front of the user again. At least there, there is the opportunity to show whether it has value or not. Smartphones are premium or expensive phones. if the BlackBerry is the way to go for your needs then this is a nice incentive to make the move.