A Very Different Microsoft Indeed!!!

There should be no question of the dramatic change in course direction by Microsoft and one that is winning the hearts of consumers. Gone are the close to insane years of Steve Ballmer who will likely be remembered for almost single handledly destroying Microsoft.

Reaching Out

Microsoft is both reaching out to its user base and demonstrating we are a different company and one that embraces diversity. Yet, in the embracement of diversity they want to bring sanity to the house of computing something sorely lacking under Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft now allows its Office products on pretty well any platform they are ready to run on. Further, they are fully interoperable. Office 365 if it is not already a booming success is headed in that direction and it is only the sheer inertia of time that is hampering the move forward. That is, if 365 could be ready to roll full steam ahead on the Mac, Microsoft would not be hindering this. They are doing eveything they can to make it happen.

It is expected the Mac client will be no less than that of the PC. This is something that would not have been heard of under the Ballmer regime. It’s good for Microsoft. All will benefit from this change.

Nadella has put the old Microsoft Resoundly Behind Him

Much like John Chen is making this needed change at BlackBerry, Nadella is doing the same for Microsoft. The Ballmer years will be forgotten should he do it right and every signal is he is.

When the rubber meets the road we will know for sure but all is signallying there is a solid course change going on at Microsoft and no one wants this to change. It is like the end of tyranny and a tyrannical regime and hopefully a new, robust Microsoft emerges. Hopefully, this is what happens.