Is Apple Getting Boring

This is a question that needs answering but it certainly doesn’t have an easy answer. In some ways it is as although they’re doing tremendously well they’re doing it all on the what is. Other than the iWatch, an innovative yet stylish device, Apple’s product line is really Steve Job’s product line of course with many enhancements.

The Lack Of the New

It is, the lack of the new, innovative device that makes me feel Apple has gotten boring. As technology advances, so too do Apple products but this is what they refer to as evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary. Apple has always been know for the revolutionary.

A Case In Point

The new iPad Air 2, although a marvel technologically and anyone who has anything before the Air would be served well by it, is an enhancement, nonetheless a rich enhancement, from the iPad Air.

What might have made this more of a revolutionary device. Of all things, emulating the Microsoft Surface on the iPad would have been by all counts revolutionary. You certainly would not even have to consider moving the entire line in that direction but to have done something like that would have spruced things up.

Apple’s Valuation has Never been Higher

It is so true that Apple’s market valuation has never been so high. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the company seems boring. Even the whole Beats purchase is not only boring but I don’t think anyone still knows what the point of this was. Maybe Apple does but they’ve done a good job hiding it.

The Company is Maturing

Apple is a very mature company now and one large one by anyone’s measure. Does boredom come with maturity. Not necessarily. They are in one of the most fascinating and profound areas of the economy yet, in my opinion, they have become boring.

The Lack of Innovation

Everyone was worried about this for the wrong reason. There is something to be concerned about with the lack of innovation. Apple has always been viewed as highly innovative company. No one can argue that they aren’t enahancing and bringing us the best technologies. Rather, Apple just is not innovating the way they used to and possibly the juices to do this do dry up. Or possibly every now and then, a company has to step back and catch its breath.

Yet, it is probably this one primary factor that has turned Apple from an excitingm, the night before Christmas scenario to a company that is successful, mature and yet for now boring.