As Gartner Predicted Mobile is Coming into its Own

I recall a few years ago reading a Gartner white paper that predicted by 2015 mobility would be where its at. They were spot on the money. Not only is mobility where its at, it is the primary tool for a lot of people that would have at one time sat down to their computer. Now, our computer is in our hands and we carry it about with us everywhere we go.

I still am very computer oriented as for some things you have to be. However, it is not too uncommon to hear a young person say “oh I have a Mac, I just barely use it.”

The Trend to Mobility will only Continue

This trend to mobility is made very possible due to the size and capabilities of the chips in mobile devices. Our iPads have for many replaced portable computers with the addition of a Bluetooth keyboard and the phone is so much more than a phone.

The chips in a mobile phone are extremely small but packed with a tremendous amount of horsepower. We really run with both the power of the computer in our hands and the freedom to do a great deal that would have needed us to truck our computer around with us. Could imagine anything the nature of Apple pay without a highly capable mobile phone.

The Cloud is the Enabler

The cloud in so many ways enables everything good about a mobile phone. From being able to make payments for a dinner out to sending off a text to say you’re running a bit behind, we are rapidly becoming a mobile information enabled society.

There are certain sides of the coin that are being looked at in terms of how healthy it is that our lives have become so virtual. However, I suspect that try to take away someone’s mobile phone might be enough incentive to have a societal revolution.