The Mac’s Growth Continues


There is no lack of demand for Mac’s these days. In an article titled “Apple Grabs Record US PC Market Share On Strong Mac Sales in Q3 2014“ Apple’s Mac computers continue to do exceedingly well.

Are We To Be Surprised

There is no surprise in this at all. As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) continues to grow demand is growing for Macs to complement the iPhones and iPad’s people are bringing to work. Wanting to retain employees, IT is gradually adjusting and Macs are making their way into the workforce.


Another route in which Mac growth is escalating has to do with the person who works for him or herself. These people setup their own custom operation to support the work they do.

The independent is a fairly modern person, who finds Macs attractive not only for their capability but their reliability. Thus, there are a few ways Macs are ingratiating themselves with the independent worker.

Continuing Growth

Continuing Growth

Barring that of a depression, which would be horrendous for all, the Macs future looks bright. Yosemite, the new operating system, is by far the best OS on the market now. Applications are being written for the OS in abundance which is definitely a very positive thing for the devices current and future viability.