Blackberry is Turning a Corner and it’s in the Right Direction

Blackberry logo

In a message from John Chen, the CEO of Blackberry titled A Message from John S. Chen, BlackBerry Executive Chair and CEO BlackBerry is finally moving to an assertive stance with their new strategy in place. Things are looking quite good for BlackBerry these days.

Although they have a lot of work a head of them, their new strategy, which is solid, is now in place. They are beginning to sell product once again and their lineup is definitely oriented to the business customer.

Not Taking on Apple

Blackberry is clearly not taking on Apple. Rather, if you look at their strategy, it would be one of integration and providing a solid infrastructure that businesses can work on including Apple.

If you had bought BlackBerry stock a year ago today you would have made 100% on your investment. Can it continue to grow. Most definitely provided nothing catastrophic happens in the world.

Competition built on an Open but Integrated Platform

It is good to see competition. One might think Android provides all the competition that is necessary. Far from it. Unlike Android, BB 10 is not a fragmented envirionment. Like Apple, the product runs on an integrated operating system with the hardware.

Where BlackBerry can step forward though is with respect to the architecture. A fragmented environment like Android can be very hard to work with. BlackBerry is not in the least fragmented. Interestingly, BlackBerry 1.3 runs all Android apps as well as BlackBerry apps so that one item of concern really can be taken away.