Microsoft to work with Dropbox to Provide Sync

Microsoft has announced they will work with Dropbox on a variety of items such as simply storing files in the cloud that will work seamlessly with office. This is great news for the Dropbox user and Dropbox themselves but there is more that is probably more significant.

Sync via Dropbox circumventing iCloud and the Apple Store

Sometimes I think Apple has a death wish these days and it is no be elaborated than through iCloud, which they are finally getting right and the app store. They are getting too authoritarian and dogmatic for many developers liking and the lull of hatred towards Apple and the app store is brewing.

No place is this more poignant than with Microsoft. Microsoft simply won’t sell through the app store. However, Microsoft must find a way to sync to the Mac world. Fortunately, Apple is not so closed that others can’t come along to provide a solution.

The Power House Within

Microsoft should not be underestimated. Yes, as a Mac user we can feel very frustrated towards them. However, they are becoming a new company under Nadella. They have a winning product in Office 355 and handled right it will do well.

Microsoft needs a method to sync to the Mac world; a world that is growing more rigid and closed by the day. Using Dropbox for sync they have found that method. They not only can leverage Dropbox’s other advanced cloud based features but the are able to take advantage of sync.


Office 365 has many merits when reviewed and it is relatively inexpensive with a lot of tremendous functionality. However, sync into the Mac environment is imperative for Microsoft. To avoid having to use icloud they have decided to use Dropbox. This is a smart move on Microsoft’s part.

The next version of Office for the Mac looks great. This ensures it will be fully connected.