The Clouds are now the limit with Office 365 and Onedrive

In an article bye Geekwire titled “Microsoft goes big with unlimited OneDrive storage for Office 365 users” Microsoft Office 365 users now get unlimited storage with their plan. Previously, Microsoft made a splash only a few months ago by offering a Terabyte of Data storage. However, unlimited data bodes well for the trend in cloud storage and Microsoft continues to lead the charge.

Microsoft has a Strategy that goes well beyond Operating Systems and Handhelds

Although Microsoft will continue to invest majorly in end user product, they have really drawn a line in the sand. They are going after the system’s infrastructure. Done with their own end user products or Macs or whatever the flavor of they day is it should not matter as it is the tying together of everything that is where things get interesting. Of even more interest, Microsoft can pull this off.

Systems Integration

I hate to use the words systems integrator but I’m using it in a very positive vein here. Apple has produced a nice but very proprietary ecosystem that will be valuable in the short and long haul but the reality is integration at a much broader level is critical and only so many companies are positioned for this.

Microsoft is one such company. They are saying, come to us for your systems needs and oh by the way we’ll give you unlimited storage. Of course, few can benefit by this but it is nice that it is there as no one wants barriers as you just never know.

This is solid strategic planning and implementation on Microsoft’s part. To do this is wonderful but to be able to do this is amazing.