Could Chen be turning BlackBerry Around

The answer to the question is a definitive yes. He was very successful at turning Sybase around. Chen took control of the company for a period in the early 90s and moved a company that operated in the red for an extensive time into a company that was eventually bought by SAP for 5.8 billion. For more on this work of magic as they refer to it see this article in the Globe and Mail titled “Meet BlackBerry’s John Chen, turnaround artist.”

Is Chen once again Doing his Stuff

Chen is definitively turning BlackBerry around not to be the competitor in the home user or casual user market but to that of the business user. In their most recently quarterly report the reported a positive balance.

A Really Good Phone base on BlackBerry 10

Blackberry is a good phone and it is solely due to BlackBerry 10. However, people are only taking the time to collect their thoughts and new thinking around the BlackBerry 10. Back is the flashing red light that created the Crackberry user and the wonderful keyboard in even a virtual environment. In fact, the BlackBerry is so good some are saying nothing can really compete against it as a business phone, especially not the very consumer oriented iPhone.

Not that there is anything wrong with the iPhone. It is a marvel of technology that represents the finest of work. However, lets just talk about that red light for a second. It always told you and tells you when something; anything has come into your device. All you do is go to the hub and see from an array of possibilities what it is and respond in kind. This is significant to the businessman or even someone like a writer who just can’t afford to miss a thing and he/she doesn’t. This little yet extremely valuable component is not going by unnoticed.

Rumours of a Potential Levovo buyout Spurring Record stock Growth

Who knows what the reason for this is but I suspect it is John Chen. Yet there are very strong yet unconfirmed rumours that Lenovo would like to buyout BlackBerry. This would be such a nice change.

There would of course be huge regulatory hurdles but many want their BlackBerry of yore back. It just might happen.