Whatever Happened to DEVONthink?

For quite some time I’ve written about DEVONthink and the value it provides. It is a powerful application however, it seems to have become dated in time. Most of its genre of applications have now diied. If they live, they live quietly with hardly any mention of them.

DEVONthink seems to have failed to flourish also. When everything was moving towards mobile, they just kept saying they were going to replace their current mobile app with a robust app based on the cloud. This hasn’t happened with DEVONtechnologies just saying give us more time. I really hope they pull it off as it is a good app.

In this discussion, I’m only going to speak of the wait. I just thought I’d comment as I was thinking that DEVONthink said they would have the app ready to go quite some time ago and one user commented that this discussion drags on and it does.

Mobility Rules, the Cloud Enables

The world has moved to mobility in a big way. The iPhone 6 created such a roar one could see nothing more than the reign of the mobile era. The cloud is the enabler of our freer form of mobility. Without the cloud, mobility by handsets is limited.

Mobility, in the manner DEVONthink does it is very much yesterday’s news. DEVONthink’s technique, which was commonly used in its day, to sync the IOS apps by WIFI can and is still used but this is a limited approach. Once you’re beyond 100 feet of the base station, that’s it – you can now no longer sync.

Since people are very reliant on their mobile apps, if they have forgotten to sync and are out of range of their base station that’s it. They won’t be working with current information.

The Love of DEVONthink however . . .

I have been a big supporter of DEVONthink as that bucket where you store your important information and based on the information I have made important decisions. It’s become too frustrating of late though to remember to update my DB.

As such, I have moved slowly but ever the more to Evernote. If DEVONthink can get out its server side DB in the near term my move to Evernote will stop.

Yet, as the days go by it’s going to be more and more difficult to return to DEVONthink as I will have gotten used to say Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote. Both are excellent systems in their own right.

DEVONtechnologies is building their system…

DEVONtechnologies, I believe, is building its own solution. This would be, most likely, their best solution due to the dynamics of its database. I certainly look forward to a release of updated and intuitive software. We’ve actually been waiting quite a long time and the day can’t come soon enough for me.