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I just want to welcome everyone who drops by either “The Daily Mac View” or “The Mac View.” Further, I’d like to encourage you to join the site/s (joining one is like joining the other) as it ensures you stay up to date with what we’re doing. As an example, currently the site/s are an affiliate of Stacksocial and you can drop by the sites anytime you like to see what they have on sale for the day and the running sales. Purchasing product from Stacksocial from the Mac View or the Daily Mac View is purchasing product from Stacksocial themselves. Thus, you can think of our sites as the gateway to product, information and more.

Being a member will also ensure that you know what’s happening. Should we start selling as an affiliate for other products you’d be the first to know. This isn’t one stop shopping but it is a move towards a gateway approach to the places you might like to go..

Should we run a newsletter, which is the intent, you would automatically be enrolled in that ensuring that you receive it. The intent of a newsletter would be to provide additional information in a slightly different fashion,

Following the Site

Following a topic you’ve commented on or the site lets you know when someone has responded to the topic or an article has been produced. This is beneficial as the article might have information that you would be interested in.

At “The Mac View” the attempt is to provide more topical information about news items, views on trends or the news and also software that excels at what it does. The Mac View though isn’t intended to replace news sites but to bring forward extremely important news and possibly provide views on trends. Thus, it is a place to come to for the most relevant of information. It though isn’t meant to provide you with all the information.

The “Daily Mac View” on the other hand is the site that provides substantive content on various subjects and topics. Articles will tend to be lengthier and more analytical.

Finally, at both sites we are now moving to utilize media such as video to add to and explain various topics. The sites are relatively new and the goal has been to make them very responsive operationally, intuitive from a navigation perspective and relevant.

I hope you enjoy the sites and keep on coming back and sharing your views if you’d like.