It’s About the iPad

Thursday October 16, the day of the second big launch from Apple this fall, should bring us more than one thing however, possibly the most important of which from Apple’s eyes will be the next iPad. Interestingly, the rumour mill hasn’t gone wild with this one as they did with the iPhone 6.

The iPad

October 16 is going to bring, I think, some very important items not ther least of which is Yosemite. Yosemite is a major step once again for Apple in its evolution of OSX. This is something to be excited about.

However, Apple is hoping they will be able to stimulate iPad sales from this launch. iPad sales are down slightly and the reasons for this are all very logical. The market is basically saturated now with pads and they don’t feel like they go obsolete as quickly as does a phone.

iPads have also taken on dimensions that they weren’t really geared for. They’ve become, in their own right, work horses wherein some people have replaced their PCs in favour of a pad.

The iPad was originally conceived to be more of a consumption unit. However, it was also designed work related things such as answer an email. This aspect though of the iPad was helped along by third parties who created such things as keyboards to assist rapid typing.

Watch the iPad Rollout Carefully

Not to get into an elaborate discussion of the above I wanted to point it out in lieu of the coming launch. Watch the iPad carefully as the rumour milll sees us having a larger, more robust iPad to do work on as opposed to say consume reading material or videos.

What might Apple have in mind. This is why it is important to watch this part of the launch carefully as we know Apple wants to enable iPad sales or generate ramped up iPad sales. As an example, one way to do this is to deliver an iPad that is both robust at consumption and production. That way, a lot of the older iPads really do become obsolete as there is only so far they can be pushed.

It should be an interesting day for a variety of reasons. I’m more than interested in what they would bring to the iPad that would in any way make me want to give up my iPad Air. Who knows but this is what makes it exciting.