Gold Master 3 in the Yosemite Program released right after Gold Master 2

Apple released to the developer community Gold Master 3 as part of the Yosemite beta program. They had only released their Gold Master 2 and within a couple of days version 3 came out.

Apple is Ready to Launch Yosemite

Apple is ready to launch and it is only a few days until Tim Cook gives his Oct 16 where we can expect him to launch the Operating System. Visually, Yosemite is beautiful. It’s backdrops are gorgeous. I was never a fan of Maverick‘s backdrop.

The OS provides yet again nice evolutionary new and enhanced power furthering the Apple ecosystem.

The Ecosystem is becoming so very Compelling

The Apple Ecosystem now has been never been so compelling. No longer does it make sense to think in terms of a Mac and that’s why at the Mac Daily View when we refer to the Mac we are referring to the entire ecosystem. Everything talks to everything nicely but more importantly it all just works.

You’re writing say on your Mac and now it is nothing to jump to another Mac, your iPad or even an iPhone and keep writing and then eventually jump back to the primary Mac to finish things up. That last step isn’t necessary but I personally like to do that.

The readying of Yosemite has been an interesting road and the end result is certainly meant to delight and yet really get things done.