Has Samsung Lost its Way?

Of late, one has to wonder, at least in the Smartphone arena, if Samsung hasn’t lost its way or did it really even have a way. It got the OS it uses for its Smartphones from Google, wherein a war is developing between the two companies. As far as the user interface goes. it really just copied what the iPhone had. It certainly added to that but some of what it added, we have now found out, has angered Google. Yet, there is little question the interface is based on IOS.

The Large Screen

Samsung did bring us large screen phones but I would contend some were ridiculously large. They weren’t phones anymore yet people bought them as phones.

Apple has released the iPhone 6, a large screen phone and that’s the end of the edge Samsung had. If a Samsung is anywhere near the price of the iPhone and the good ones are, really then who wants a Samsung. Very few people.

Blackberry is the True Innovator

Oddly enough, in all of the maelstrom, somehow BlackBerry has gotten overlooked. They are the true innovators with a very innovative interface which is more amenable especially to the business person than the iphone‘s is but I’ll touch on this topic in a longer article. They also own their operating system which is considered one of the best mobile OS’s for a variety of things.

Samsung: The Emperor who wore no Clothes

It’s becoming apparent now that Samsung is simply the The Emporer that wore no clothers. When you control nothing such as the operating system and simply copy someone else, that catches up to you.

Is Samsung one of those fleeting stars. Time of course will tell the story but its my opinion that it is. It’s not a fleeting star in the tech industry by any means but it certainly is in the mobilie space.