Windows 10 to be Successor to 8 Not Version 9

In an article by cncbc titled “Windows 10 unveiled by Microsoft”, something curious but probably quite smart by Microsoft is happening. They are skipping the Windows 9 moniker and jumping straight to 10.

They are doing this for a two fold reason. They realize Windows 8 has been a dreadful failure and want to distance themselves as far as possible from the OS. However secondly and maybe more significantly they have accepted both BYOD yet the need for business loyalty which for Microsoft translates into providing smooth migrations which recognize the importance of new technologies and trends yet without upsetting the business world’s need for consistency and structure.

Windows 10 is What 8 Should have Been All Along

Windows 10 has just been introduced last Tuesday and already it’s being met warmly. Analysts are viewing Windows 10 as really what 8 should have been in the first place.

Microsoft has its whole Windows strategy riding on Windows 10. If it were to fail that would be the end of Microsoft’s ability to control the end point system.

In fact, Microsoft may be at somewhat of that cross roads anyway. Probably the difference here lies in the degree to which you control that end user experience rather than in you (Microsoft) control it. The end user has wandered and the world has not collapsed. Diversity at the end user level is likely to remain but limited to a very few players that know how to play in a complex and what is ever becoming more complex. Yet, for the end user themselves, they experience things as being richer yet simpler and that’s the way it should be.