It’s Official: Yosemite along with the iPad will Launch Oct 16

It would appear to be finally official that Yosemite is to launch. A long with Yosemite we can expect a new iPad; possibly a larger iPad.

There are a couple of things true about Apple. The rumor mill runs wild until something is official and then the rumor mill runs wild even when the something that is becomes official. The second thing about Apple is we never really know exactly what we are getting until the launch.

Likely New iMacs Also

In this announcement there are likely new iMacs to come. People were not too impressed by the last Mac rollout that saw an iMac made cheaper but twice as slow.

Regardless, this will be an exciting show but one that will not be on as grand a scale as the iPhone rollout. That’s too bad. In many ways, the Yosemite rollout I find to be more exciting.