News Article indicates Apple Pay start might be Close at Hand

In a news article released by iClarified Oct 01 2014 they indicate that Apple Pay may be coming to IOS 8.1 as early as Oct 20th. Rumours will likely run high over the next while around various aspects of our recent releases from Apple and those that are to come. Rumours around Apple Pay will be most significant as this is, if it happens, something that could effect the foundations of our society.

This is an especially exciting time. If Apple were to pull this off, the significance of what they will have accomplished cannot be overstated. Most, except the few, want change to the way we pay for things. The room for improvement has never been greater. The requirements for the improvement from both the consumer side and the vendor side is extraordinary.

Apple Likely has the Capability to make it Happen

Apple is a company that likely has the ability to make this happen. For others they are well positioned to piggy back on to anything that Apple does. As an example, modern BlackBerry’s all have NFC chips. NFC is the protocol Apple plans on using to pull this off.

In many ways, the infrastructure is in place to meet the demand Apple Pay would generate. There is really plenty of bandwidth to enable the service. The problem has always been far more reaching than that. It’s been one of is society ready for this; what are the various protocols to be used to ensure secure transfaction processing and who can lead. It is this final aspect that seems to have been one of the most problematic. Some would have thought IBM.

The Best Chance of Enabling the Capability

David Pogue, of the New York Times, has been quoted as saying that Apple is likely best positioned, if anyone is ever to do this, to be the one to pull it off. With Apple’s growing clout at the end user level, this would likely be the case.

It is not that Apple would do this alone. What they can do is get people enthusiastic about the service and then use it.

Interesting things are happening, that there is no question of.